Vatsal Sharma

Jun 13, 2021

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IMG Credits- Google Images

Open Source Computer Vision, popularly known as OpenCV is an open-source library in python programming language commonly used for computer vision & machine learning problems. It is one of the most fascinating as well as useful library having numerous applications & features.

It is very popular library used for real-time detection, Image processing, Basic Resizing etc.

(All the information given is stated by assuming that user is working on Google Colab on which OpenCV comes pre-installed).


  • Open Source
  • Capture Videos
  • Read & write images
  • Detecting Shapes
  • Detecting custom objects in videos



  • Automated surveillance
  • Image Stacking
  • Color Detection
  • Medical image Analysis
  • Automated Attendance System

and many more…

Importing OpenCV

Input- import cv2

Now you have imported the library , GET! SET! DETECT!


Google Colab crashes if you try to display image using cv2.imshow() instead import from google.colab.patches import cv2_imshow and display using cv2_imshow(<image>)

Happy Learning Folks!

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