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Popularly known as ‘Colab’ or ‘Google Colab’ , is basically a free notebook environment that fully runs on cloud. The most fascinating thing about Colab is , it supports free GPU.

Colab was made free by Google to encourage AI enthusiasts. On Colab we can write & execute code in Python & develop Deep Learning models.


  • Create new notebooks
  • Upload existing notebooks
  • Easily share notebook links (worldwide accessibility)
  • Unzip the imported folder & access the datasets in Google Drive
  • Free cloud service with GPU & TPU

and many more…..


Although, we can import & use every python’s library on Colab , but the most used libraries include TensorFlow, OpenCV, Keras, PyTorch .

All these libraries are pre-installed , all we need to do , is to import them & start Coding.

TensorFlow is one of the most used open-sourced tools since 2017.


Graphics Processing Unit , or GPU, is basically optimized to train AI & ML models , also designed for parallel processing, the GPU is used in a wide range of applications, including graphics and video rendering.

Google Colab provides a single 12GB NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU ,which is priced around 1.7 lakh Rupees , that can be used up to 12 hours continuously. sounds FABULOUS

GitHub & Colab

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Colab also provides facility to directly save your Code’s copy to GitHub , we can also “Include link to Colaboratory” which then directs us to Colab with the code from GitHub.

Stackoverflow & Colab

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One of the most common problem , which all of us have encountered is, copying & then pasting our Error messages on Stackoverflow & search for a solution.

The good thing about Colab is that, along with Error it provides a direct option ‘Search Stack Overflow’ , which , on clicking redirects us to Google. That’s interesting , isn’t it?

Thank you all , this was all about my First Blog.

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Bring It On!

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